Science Based Methods That Are Safe & Effective

Proven Methods….

Metamorphosis Pet Training uses positive reinforcement based techniques to create a fun and rewarding training experience. This form of training is recommended by the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior because studies show that positive training is associated with fewer behavioral problems and greater obedience than methods that involve punishment and/or encourage human dominance.

Training Techniques….

The techniques used include reinforcing desired behaviors, removing the reinforcer for inappropriate behaviors, and addressing the emotional state and environmental conditions driving unwanted behaviors. If you chose to work with a positive trainer you will learn how to prevent unwanted behavior from occurring and how to help your dog or cat make good choices so you can reinforce the behavior you do want.

Teaching Philosophy….

When I work with animals I break down the new skills I plan to train into small, bite sized pieces so it’s easy for the animal to be successful. I reward success. Then I build on that success by gradually increasing the challenges. I use this same approach with my human students. By making learning easy and rewarding I am able to easily engage both canine and human learners.


Owners who learn to use positive training methods report that training is not only effective, it is also fun. I take fun seriously. Years of experience have shown me that my clients are far more likely to follow treatment plans and practice at home when they find the exercises enjoyable. When they do, they get results.

Positive training shouldn’t be confused with permissiveness. A large part of my training philosophy involves setting limits. By improving your line of communication with your pet, being consistent, and learning to act preemptively you will become the benevolent leader your pet deserves.